High Gravity Tee


Product Description:
“High Grav+ty”

This vintage-themed design is sure to turn heads and turn back the clock through nostalgia. The “Crooked I” cemented itself as hip-hop’s favorite malt liquor during it’s heyday in the early 90’s as the undisputed king of the “40oz” (ounce). Alongside a collaborative roster that saw the likes of some of the most influential and now Legendary moguls in Hip-Hop endorsing and partaking in the strong, high-quality, sweet-tasting swig, the 40oz (ounce) bottle remains a staple and noteworthy part of the history of hip-hop Culture going Corporate and making it’s presence felt. This design by SY Concepts + Customs was made to pay homage to that 90’s era and especially created for the present day movers & shakers, from the streets to the boardrooms, who handle business, create opportunities and pave their own way by any means necessary while maintaining a balance in a life of personal freedom, peace of mind and possess the free-will to do as they will, come and go as they please, live and let live, think (and drink) responsibly. A soft, high-quality poly-cotton blend fabric with all the right colorway touches, from the front and rear logo treatments to the subtle universal product bar code exterior tag along the side.

A Limited Edition piece with Limited Availability.

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The female model is 5’5 and wearing a Small.

The male model is 6’0″ and wearing Large.

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