Botanical Grey Tee


  • The Botanical Grey Tee, by SY Concepts + Customs.


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The Botanical Grey Shirt 🌹🌹🌹
by SY Concepts + Customs ✈️

STREETWEAR, in the Essence of Itself, has Become Connected with So Many Subcultures, Social Movements and Identity Politics …. A Distinct Style that Carries a Great Deal of Power by Way of Expression …. STREETWEAR has Been Critical and Climactic in the Way that Women and Men’s Styles All Over the World have Cleared the Stereotypes from Beneath those Interested in Fashion whereas said Stereotypes Are, Were and Have Always Been Trivialized …. With the Far-Reaching Influence of the HIP-HOP Culture, STREETWEAR has Developed a New Dimension for Self-Expression, Commonality, Signature Style and Togetherness …. HIP-HOP, which Originated from Disco, Grew from Marginalized African-American Communities as a Form of Expression Against Political and Class-Related Injustices …. Not Only were these Ideas Put into Practice in HIP-HOP Music but Also into the Passion, Creativity, Raw Emotion, Expression and Unpredictability of Streetwear Fashion …. Today, STREETWEAR is Seen and Beloved All Over the WORLD but in Few Places as Prominently or Quite Like the Inner-City Neighborhoods Across America as well as the K-Pop Scene and City Streets of Seoul, South Korea ….The BOTANICAL GREY SHIRT by SY Concepts + Customs Pays Tribute to the Evolution of the Streetwear Culture from Near and Far, Here to There Respectively with this Fully-Customized Premium Shirt with All of the Subtle Bells and Whistles that you Need to Style on Em! …. It Features a Plush Cool Grey Fabric with Eye-Catching Three-Dimensional Artwork from Front-to-Back, Side-to-Side and Everywhere in Between …. Included in the Detail is a Trio of Roses that Rest Along the Right Side and a Sizeable Floral-Logo Arrangement Combination at Back …. The BOTANICAL GREY SHIRT is Sure to Provide You with Lots of Unsolicited Compliments and Accreditation(s) for your Taste on the Streets of Wherever you Roam…. 🗝🌹🌹🌹 🇺🇸🇰🇷💱 📦📦


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